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Environmental Benefits:
In cities across the country, car sharing is helping keep cars off the road. The reduction in cars directly means a reduction in green house gases and other fuel emissions into the atmosphere. Buffalo CarShare alone projects to save 0.89 million pounds of CO2 its very first year! Buffalo CarShare members are more likely to use environmentally friendly forms of transportation--walking, biking, mass transit, carpooling and Buffalo CarShare--helping create a green legacy for the city and the region. Other car shares have seen a decrease in vehicle ownership after drivers become members of the program as well as a decrease in the amount of overall driving done by individuals. Some individuals have even sold their vehicles!

Financial Benefits:
According to AAA, it costs an average of $8,000 a year to own a vehicle! It is expensive to own and maintain a vehicle. Car sharing members have seen savings of as much as $4,000 dollars a year! What would you do with the extra money?

Social Benefits:
Living healthier is a 'hidden' benefit for car sharing members. Members become less dependent on their vehicles and therefore use healthier alternatives of travel (walking and biking) more often. With more folks walking and cycling within an area, places become more vibrant, lively, and safe. With an added incentive to shop locally, we strengthen the regional economy, shared vehicle by shared vehicle. On the flip side, providing access to those with no vehicle is also a social benefit. Everyone should be able to get to a job interview or drop their kids off at day care on a snow day.

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